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A reader asks, “I have some really old books, but there is no copyright date or publishing date.What is the best way to determine the age of the book? Modern books have all sorts of information on the copyright page – the edition/printing, copyright date, and probably the date of publication, making dating quite simple.When asked how he got into character for this part, Michael answered with a resounding shocker!He said: It was crazy, because when I shot the film, I’d never had a real girlfriend before.But 19th century (and some newer) books are often not dated. Author bibliographies are sometimes enlightening, especially in the case of first editions and other early editions.Many reprint publishers did not include dates, either. Some are available online; others will be accessible through your local library.And not having a great relationship with my brother Aaron or people thinking what that relationship should be didn’t define me.

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Many library catalogs are available for search online, and this might turn up a helpful bibliography.

Michael Jordan is known as one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history.

But in the years since his retirement from the game he dominated like no other, the public has learned that he is quite prolific withe ladies as well — and may have had a large influence on the extracurricular activities of Tiger Woods.

I literally met my now-ex-girlfriend the day I got back from filming, almost a year ago today.

And that was the first time I’ve ever worked to make a relationship work out — you know, really put in the [effort]. I think the character taught me a lot about relationships: Sometimes you gotta work through the hard stuff and sometimes two people grow apart, and that’s the harsh reality, that’s what love is sometimes … A., when I was like 19, 20, 21, that was a thing: "Okay, cool [claps his hands together]: I’m going to cook dinner, she’s going to think it’s phenomenal, it’s gonna be amazing, that’s gonna be my move." And then I was like, "Whoa." That came with so much baggage and the expectations. And sometimes I don’t like going alone, so I would take somebody to go to dinner.

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