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The first video of his arrest has been released to the press by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, and it definitely backs up Woods; he is not acting drunk at all. In the full video, Tiger barely recites his ABCs, starts to walk away, tries to tie a shoelace that's already tied, and has trouble even standing in the starting position to walk a straight line. Related: Did ESPN Actually Potoshop Tiger's Mug Shot???

The Probable Cause Affidavit also stated that Woods failed four field sobriety tests, although he was able to recite the National Anthem backwards. Furthermore, the document revealed there was small but visible damage on the vehicle's rims on the driver's side, as well as minor damage on the front and rear bumpers.

After his DUI arrest in which he was allegedly found asleep at the wheel Monday morning, the golf legend denied being drunk at the time, explaining it was a mix of prescription medications that had hit him harder than expected.

Related: Did ESPN Actually Potoshop Tiger's Mug Shot??? has learned that the golfer's Mercedes had two flat tires and "fresh damage" on the driver's side when the athlete was found asleep at the wheel Monday morning.

She is an African-American born on July 25, 1990 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, to Susan and Earl Dennison Woods, Jr.Her father is an elder half-brother of Tiger Woods, the champion golfer.Cheyenne graduated from Xavier College Preparatory in 2008 and from Wake Forest University, North Carolina in 2012.Fast forward to Monday, the athlete revealed on Twitter he is seeking "professional help" to manage the way he takes said drugs.He cites back pain and "a sleep disorder." He wrote: Wow, none of this looks good for Tiger Woods.

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