Tips for updating my resume

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Therefore, use as much space as you need to effectively describe your accomplishments at the most recent job.

If you need to, you can minimize the descriptions of jobs you held before that to make room for the most recent one.

Your reference sheet should be a document that’s separate from your resume.

On it, create a list of potential references with their contact info.

Key to being ready for a new job is having your resume updated. If you haven’t looked at it during the last six months, it’s time to dust it off and give it an upgrade — even if you’re not in job search mode.

I suggest having a master resume that holds all your career-related information. Let it grow over the years into as many pages as you need to hold all your info.

Then, when you apply for a job, use your master resume to create a target resume that contains only what’s relevant to that job objective.

Possible options include: Size is also a consideration.

Any font smaller than size 9 font is too small for easy reading, and no one’s going to squint to read your resume.

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