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We've been together for 4 years & still going strong... reviewed on  Aug 20, 2014 , viewed 8 times I was compelled to write a review after reading so many negative comments about RSVP…because I actually quite like the site (sorry guys don’t throw eggs at me for that!

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Gen Ys are also the most likely to allow a fear of rejection stand between them and a relationship - 4 times more likely in some cases.

Commenting on the research, RSVP Relationship Expert and Psychologist, John Aiken said “This really debunks some of the myths that surround Gen Y in the dating world.

Often Gen Y men are depicted as unwilling to be tied down to just one partner and maybe a little careless, and both Gen Y men and women can be thought of as extremely confident, but I think a lot of this is probably just false bravado.”“While Gen Ys may be confident and ambitious in many areas of their lives – career for example - when it comes to dating and relationships, they are in fact more fearful than the rest of us and many have more genuine intentions than we give them credit for,” said Aiken.

RSVP CEO Dave Heysen agreed, saying "This year’s Date of the Nation Report goes against common perceptions, which is a good thing to have out there.

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