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Experts believe the same theory could hold true for people.Dr Paul Rainey, a lecturer in biology at Oxford University, said: 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Or why balding, bearded author Salman Rushdie - no Adonis in anyone's book - managed to beguile the stunning model Padma Lakshmi.Drew • Sex in the Itty Bitty City • Shahs of Sunset • The Shannen Doherty Project • Shaq Vs. • Shaq's Big Challenge • Shark Tank • She's Got the Look • Shear Genius • Shear Genius 1 • Shear Genius 2 • Shear Genius 3 • Shedding for the Wedding • Shipmates • Shooting Sizemore • The Show With Vinny • The Simple Life • The Simple Life 1 • The Simple Life 2 • The Simple Life 3 • The Simple Life 4 • The Sing-Off • The Sing-Off (Season 1) • The Sing-Off (Season 3) • The Singing Bee • The Singing Office • Sister Wives • Skating with the Stars • Skating With Celebrities • Smash Lab • Snooki & Jwoww • Snoop Dogg's Father Hood • So You Think You Can Dance • So You Think You Can Dance 1 • So You Think You Can Dance 2 • So You Think You Can Dance 3 • So You Think You Can Dance 4 • So You Think You Can Dance 5 • So You Think You Can Dance 6 • So You Think You Can Dance 7 • So You Think You Can Dance 8 • So You Think You Can Dance 9 • So You Think You Can Dance 10 • So You Think You Can Dance 11 • So You Think You Can Dance 12 • So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation • So You Think You Can Dance 14 • Solitary • Sons of Guns • Sorority Life • Southern Charm • The Spin Crowd • Splash • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search • The Springer Hustle • The Stagers • Star Search • The Starlet • Stars Earn Stripes • Starter Wives Confidential • Starting Over • Step It Up & Dance • Steven Seagal Lawman • Storage Wars • Storm Chasers • Street Customs • Style Her Famous • Styled To Rock • Stylista • Sunday Best • Sunset Tan • Super Millionaire • Supermarket Superstars • Supernanny • Superstar USA • The Superstars • Superstars of Dance • Surf Girls • The Surreal Life • The Surreal Life 1 • The Surreal Life 2 • The Surreal Life 3 • The Surreal Life 4 • The Surreal Life 5 • The Surreal Life 6 • The Surreal Life: Fame Games • Survivor • Survivor: Borneo • Survivor: The Australian Outback • Survivor: Africa • Survivor: Marquesas • Survivor: Thailand • Survivor: The Amazon • Survivor: Pearl Islands • Survivor: All Stars • Survivor: Vanuatu • Survivor: Palau • Survivor: Guatemala • Survivor: Panama • Survivor: Cook Islands • Survivor: Fiji • Survivor: China • Survivor: Micronesia • Survivor: Gabon • Survivor: Tocantins • Survivor: Samoa • Survivor: Heroes vs. Martha Stewart The hit MTV show The Osbournes granted an access-all-areas look at life with Sharon and Ozzy. Rebecca Loos Sharon mocked David Beckham’s alleged former fling during the X Factor spin-off show Battle of The Stars, saying: ‘You should try doing tomorrow’s performance with your knickers on because it will help warm up your voice. He is overly confident – he has been full of himself from the first day – and an average singer.’ Still not a fan, she referred to him as a ‘ball-less b*****d’ during her recent X Factor 2013 conference.They both made many memorable statements – with one of Sharon’s being aimed at US domestic goddess Martha Stewart. You have a very bad vibe that comes from you.’ Relations deteriorated so badly that extra security was required to keep the pair apart. Lady Gaga In January this year Lady Gaga released a public letter criticising Kelly Osbourne – and prompting her ‘Little Monsters’ to hurl abuse and death threats at Sharon’s daughter. Mrs O lashed out in a response to Gaga – calling her a bully, criticising her for promoting fur, and called her hypocritical.

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