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Another reassuring part of this dating app is the fact that it was created by someone who knows the dating world.Daniels is owner of the bicoastal matchmaking service called Samantha’s Table.Over the years, people constantly asked me how I could be good at my job, but that I was still single myself. My only explanation was that I was so busy worrying about everyone else's love lives that I neglected to pay proper attention to my own.Then, one day, I decided that I was ready to get myself married.Similar lifestyles is often a top dating priority for high-profile singles.They want someone with aligned work ethics, education levels, family goals, and personal hobbies.When I was in my early 20’s, my father told me that the best way to find what I was looking for was to write down all of the qualities I wanted in a partner. I still remember a few, because they’re qualities I continue to look for — creative, gets along with their family, down to earth, ambitious, has a “career” and not just a “job” (a very important distinction for a career-oriented gal like myself). I ripped a page out of one of the many Moleskins I hoarded at the beginning of my journalism career and made two columns of qualities.

Created by professional matchmaker Samantha Daniels, The Dating Lounge is the first invitation-only dating app for successful and selective people to find highly compatible matches.

Make real changes that are action oriented instead of just spewing BS out of your mouth.

Single people tend to go on and on about what they should do, but they never do it. Dump that guy you have been wasting your time on, tell your mother to mind her own business, ask out that girl you have been noticing at the gym. Change something about yourself in the looks department.

By Brittany Stubbs The Dating Lounge is the first ever invitation-only dating community on Facebook where friends date each other’s friends.

It was created by Samantha Daniels, one of the foremost professional matchmakers and dating experts in the country, to provide singles with exactly what they want in today’s dating world: real-time information, connections to people they know, and accuracy in an exclusive invitation-only community.

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