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"I love working with couples, families, individuals, adolescents, grade school children, and parents about their personal issues and emotional needs.

I am a family therapist who believe most people can manage their own lives, except for those few times when life throws a curve ball, then we may have difficulty figuring how to handle that ball.

Can you and your date sleuth your way out of a locked room before the 60 minutes are up?

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Some clients come to me because they are in a relationship that has lost its connection, trust, or passion.

Complete with harnesses and other safety equipment, this group leads adventurers of all skill levels on two-hour climbs at various Kansas City parks.

Team up with other couples to test your wits and patience at Breakout KC, a live-action escape game.

"I think one reason it worked for us is that we jumped right into those 'don't discuss' topics (e.g.

religion, politics, etc.) before we'd even met, and so knew we shared similar perspectives right away." On the other side of the online dating spectrum, "Charly," who commented on tells us about a dinner date gone wrong with a guy she met on

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