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* Prince Harry hits out at media intrusion over new girlfriend Meghan Markle "The past week has seen a line crossed," his communications secretary said in a statement on Tuesday.

Since then, he's been paying attention to social media and noticed the racist undertones flying about because he is white, and his new girlfriend is biracial.

Out-of-character for a member of the Royal Family, Prince Harry has quickly addressed the criticism of his mixed-race relationship publicly.

On holiday in Europe, waiters have rudely ignored him and only spoken to his girlfriend.

But such racism doesn’t just come from white people trying to process the fact that someone might want to date outside their race. An Indian girlfriend of mine, whose ex was white, tells me that when they used to walk around in London, holding hands, other Indians would stare.

“They’d look at us and do this subtle head shake thing.

But still, interracial romantic relationships present a whole new set of challenges.

Our joy in our relationships, ANY relationship, must come from the surprise and delight of finding someone we have a spiritual, mental and emotional connection to. Choosing someone to love and someone to care about you should be your first priority, not race.

There are no particular advantages to choosing a partner of a different race just to experience a new joy per se that I can think of offhand.

But it’s nothing compared to what Twigs was directly subjected to.

I went on a double date with my female Jewish friend. Obviously we're not subjected to online abuse from gossip sites (being that we're not in any Hollywood film franchises, or performing at Glastonbury).

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