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While investigating a murder, she finds herself in the center of her own investigation, when her former lovers start being murdered.A young woman, Lucy, receives a message of a girl friend of hers, whom invites her for a Webchat.It is hard to come up in mind with a sphere of some kind of aspect of life that hasn’t felt yet the influence or effect made by the technological advancements, and communication is one of those aspects that have made a great step forward.Thanks to today’s technologies, communication, an inevitable daily aspect, has become even more simple and accessible, or we could say more technologically interactive.Her new friends use a website called Cam2Cam, in which people strip for money.Allie soon discovers that other people who use the website aren’t there for the amateur stripping.

People go to Thailand to act on their most extreme fantasies, in Cam2Cam that includes serial killing.Rather than reinvent the wheel, Cam2Cam plays it safe by opening with the standard “woman alone at home”.In this dark and haunting thriller, Five Bangkok tourists have gone missing after making online contact with an unknown party.Perhaps Batman would pick up this videolink to talk with citizens of Gotham: Thats how all people see page of Batman: So in case of emergency anybody can just talk with Batman via videolink instead of using old school spotlight.Jessica, whose father killed her mother and committed suicide, is a police officer.

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