Afarensis dating

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The word "hominid" in this website refers to members of the family of humans, Hominidae, which consists of all species on our side of the last common ancestor of humans and living apes.

Hominids are included in the superfamily of all apes, the Hominoidea, the members of which are called hominoids.

The remains of the earliest known child from humanitys family tree have been discovered in Ethiopia, in an unprecedented find that fills in a critical missing link in human evolution.

The almost complete skeleton belongs to a baby girl of the species a probable human ancestor that was among the first to walk on two legs who died at the age of three about 3.3 million years ago.

For a good discussion of the hominid/hominin terminology issue, read this article by Lee Berger.

Known in the scientific community by the slightly less inspiring name of A. 288 this early hominid dates from approximately 3.2 million years ago and about 40% of the skeleton was recovered.

“Lucy” stood a little over one metre tall and importantly, the limb bones show that she walked upright.

Ramapithecus therefore is no longer considered a hominid.

The field of science which studies the human fossil record is known as paleoanthropology.

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